We are an IT company with a high level of experience in consulting, software enhancement and business growth solutions

CADO is an outsourcing company with a product company approach and go-getter attitude.


  • remote teams and flexible schedule
  • constant and only useful learning
  • personal responsibility and goal oriented work
  • honest two-way street feedback between the Company and the Team


And you might think we can’t do much and fast since we are quite small, but we are about to tell you why we can:

We have several major clients and we cover all their development needs. And for sure, this is a match made in heaven.

We code to boost the business. There is no development for the sake of development here!

Our recruiters work hard to hire the best crowd and the rest of the team makes sure it wants to stay with us!

At Cado Labs we know that the Future is Open Source, therefore we actively use open source solutions in our work. Not just that we use and support open source products, we contribute ourselves. You can have a look at some of our code in our GitHub account and also check out our Tech Radar


  • Traffic Management Systems
    to boost your growth!
  • CRM Platforms
    to bring some order to your Data!
  • Payment systems
    we know how to make money work for you!
  • BI Systems
    our secrets to a good night's sleep
  • Anti-Fraud Solutions
    our secrets to the BEST night's sleep
  • Machine Learning Products
    for the love of Robots!